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The Son of God became a man to enable men to become the sons of God
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107.5 fm - The Story

About us

Kingfisher FM was birthed out of a deep desire in the hearts of a passionate group of Christians, to use the platform of radio to see the Kingdom of God established in the city of Port Elizabeth. In 1994, the group went through the challenging task ...

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How do I know I am a child of God?

Bible Inspiration

How Do I Know I am a Child of God? Written by Rev. G.R. Procee Last time we considered the blessings and the marks of adoption. A very important issue concerning adoption is the question,"Has God adopted me to be His child?  Has the Lo...

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Cloth Nappies Step by Step

Green Talk

Hello everyone, When you start investigating cloth diapers, it can be very overwhelming. There are a multitude of different types and everyone has their own personal opinion of what works and what doesn’t. What can really help, is meeting up w...

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A Story of Food and Getting Your Life Back by Amanda Pruissen

Life Talk

My earliest memory of having issues with weight was when I was 11 years old.  I can clearly remember my Mom taking me to a weight loss meeting and at that point, I do believe I thought to myself, "I have a problem". I remember food being my cru...

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International Womans Day - A Computer Story


A gifted mathematician, Ada Lovelace is considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s. The daughter of famed poet Lord Byron, Augusta Ada Byron, Countess of Lovelace—better known as "Ada Lovelace"&...

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Prince of Peace by Jordan Gerber

Bloggers We Love

"You love surrounds me when my thoughts wage war, when night screams terror there Your voice will roar. Come storm or shadow God I know Your light will meet me there"  - 'Prince of Peace' by Hillsong United Night time can o...

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Brilliant Perspective by Graham Cooke

LOVE Inspiration

The truth is that it doesn’t matter whether you are succeeding or failing. God isn’t going to love you any differently. You can be the best person there is. He will love you 100%. You can be a total abject failure, He will still love you ...

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Simon Clark goes to Cosmoprof

Beauty Inspiration

For more than 40 years, Cosmoprof has been the world's most important international event in the beauty and cosmetics sector. Cosmoprof has sealed joint-venture agreements with other international organisations to generate new top-level trade fa...

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08. Solving Food Waste - Tanya from Organic Footprint 27-03-17

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Uploaded 28 March 2017, 10:29

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The Valley Market

When? 01 Apr 2017

in 2 days

Sat 1 April @ Old Tramways Building, Baakens St, 9am - 2pm!  ...

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The rope illustration


Time is short. Eternity is not. Francis Chan Rope illustration (graphic style)...

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Legacy Life Church

Church Partners

Blessed to be a blessing!...

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The Sunflower Fund

Community Collaboration

HOPE BEGINS WITH YOU Our Mission is to give life The Sunflower Fund, a National Non-Profit Company (NPC), is an organisation in South Africa dedicated to creating awareness, educating the public and handling the registration process for people to j...

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Expand your network

Grow with us

Advertise with us and GROW our city. We are local radio offering local rates, building local businesses, supporting local communities and churches. ...

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The Herald Cycle Tour

We loved being a part of The Herald Cycle Tour.Serving water and Powerade to exhausted yet determined cyclists as they hit the top of Long Barn hill was a priviledge....

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Donate to KingfisherFM

Help keep us on air - The Amazing Grace Ride! They’re cycling for our signal! Their Destination? The Karoo Mighty Men Conference taking place on the 25th to 30th April in Middleburg. Kingfisher Listener Johan Meyer and 10 men have taken ...

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