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About our radio station

About us

Kingfisher FM was birthed out of a deep desire in the hearts of a passionate group of Christians, to use the platform of radio to see the Kingdom of God established in the city of Port Elizabeth. In 1994, the group went through the challenging task ...

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Savages Fine Food Recipes by Vanessa Marx

Foodie Inspiration

The Recipes! Frozen Passion Fruit Cheesecake INGREDIENTS 1⁄2 cup full fat cream cheese (room temperature) 1⁄2 cup vanilla ice cream (slightly softened) 1⁄2 cup cream 6 passion fruits Ginger biscuits 4 stainless steel ring mou...

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A message

Bible Inspiration

from the Psalms...

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5 verses about money every Christian should know

Money Talk

Let me start by saying that it was difficult to create this list. Think about it, I am trying to pick the best verses from the Bible about a particular topic. 5 Bible verses about money we all should memorize...These are the 5 verses that, even as ...

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The Power of one caring adult by Josh Shipp

Family Talk

The Power of One Caring AdultStatistically, I am supposed to be dead, in jail, or homeless. At 14, I’d been kicked out of so many foster homes that it became a game to me. I acted out because I didn’t trust anyone, and I didn’t exp...

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The Assembly of God 8 Day Israel Experience Tour

Israel Tour

“Would you like to walk in the footsteps of Jesus and immerse in the land of his birth, ministry, death and resurrection? The Assembly of God 8 Day Israel Experience Tour leaves on the 29th of December under the spiritual leadership of Pastor...

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Legacy by Alan Ahlfeldt

Local Inspiration

I have often thought deeply about legacy and my role in this very noble noun. It means “something left behind or handed down by a predecessor”. An example in many of the definitions I looked up refers to money or property or wealth of som...

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5 Questions That Can Change Your Life

Life Talk

The 5 questions to ask to get out of a hard time — and change your life So if we’re being honest here — after the snow melts, after the ditches begin to fill with this hardly murmur of pussy willows — it feels like parts of...

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Healing Encounter with an Extreme White Politician. By Michael Cassidy

Your Testimony

TESTIMONY:   In 1992 in the run-up towards the first South African non-racial elections in 1994, the country was in a terrible state of alienation, almost everyone from everyone else. In African Enterprise, as we celebrated the 30th anniversary ...

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11. Harvest Christian Church Radio Half Hour 27-05-2016

Latest podcast

Uploaded 01 January 1970, 02:00

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The Valley Market

When? 02 Jul 2016


Sat 2 July @ Old Tramways Building!...

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St Dominic's Priory School interview with KingfisherFM


Marcella, Lizo, Mr Stokell and Chris Kisbey-Green were invited to chat to Gareth on Kingfisher FM...

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Indiana defends the unborn!


An Indiana bill expected to become law will make it illegal to abort babies based upon their race or gender, or whether they have birth defects. Pro-choice groups, along with some female Republican lawmakers, are speaking out against an anti-abortio...

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Bay City Church

Church Partners

Loving God, Loving People, Reaching out...

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Elukholweni Farm School

Community Collaboration

Elukholweni Farm School is situated on the New Seaview Road in the Theescombe district, Port Elizabeth. It was established in 1978 on a section of land that was donated to the Elukholweni School Special Educational Trust.Currently we have a...

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Expand your network

Grow with us

Advertise with us and GROW our city. We are local radio offering local rates, building local businesses, supporting local communities and churches. ...

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The inside story...

Get to see some of our staff, presenters and events behind the scenes....

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Donate to KingfisherFM

Help keep us on air For the price of a cappuccino, you can help keep your favourite station on air. We appreciate all donations, please use your cellphone number as reference when making donations.   Name: Radio Kingfisher Bank: FNB Account...

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