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Simon Clark goes to Cosmoprof

Category: Beauty Inspiration

For more than 40 years, Cosmoprof has been the world's most important international event in the beauty and cosmetics sector.

Cosmoprof has sealed joint-venture agreements with other international organisations to generate new top-level trade fair events in every part of the globe: Cosmoprof Bologna, Cosmoprof Asia (Hong Kong), and Cosmoprof North America (Las Vegas) testify to the internationalisation strategy pursued by the company, making it a benchmark all over the world.

Kingfisher FM is proud to announce that we have a media representitive at Cosmoprof 2017.

Simon Clark from Simon Clark hairdressing is currently in Bologna and will be reporting back to us as he searches for new trends on the other side of the globe.

And so from the journal of a haridresser in Bologna...

10 March 2017
Fly to Edinburgh today, Bologna next Wednesday and back to SA on the 21st.
Lounge Life...

Air travel is not cheap and unless you are a paid up member of the “Jetset” and travel first class.  The best most of us can expect is to beherded to the back of the plane.
We are expected arrive hours in advance and the variagries of air travel mean it is not uncommon to have hours to kill between flights. Thats where so called “duty free zones" only duty is to entice you with a series of over priced bling.  In the past mine (and many others) plan was to try to kill as much time as possible in one of the equally over priced restaurants or in said zones.

Fortunately airport business lounges have now become far more accessable. I recently saw a one time entry advertised for R215.00. Now before you scoff at the price, take a second to consider what that over priced hamburger, chips and a cool drink cost you. Then realise that all food and drinks are included in the lounge price. I could add wifi, newspapers and magazines and that some even have showers. Believe me, if you have just come off a long flight and want to freshen up, it's worth every penny!

While most of us can only dream of flying 1st class, their creature comforts are at least now availble to us on the ground. So having typed and submited my copy I can go back to reading the paper and watching Netflix.

Speak soon