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Looking after your body during the summer holidays need not be a chore; it can be a whole lot of fun.


Plus, you’ll feel great and enjoy your holiday even more. Start your holiday with some of these tips.


​1. Eat healthily. 
It’s a well‐known fact that we sometimes ditch our healthy eating habits during the holiday season. If not because our routine changes, it’s because we’ve cooked healthy meals for most of the year and are taking a well‐deserved break. The key to surviving the eating season? Everything in moderation... so don’t deprive yourself. Take advantage of delicious summer fruits to prepare some quick and easy salads.

2. Stay active. 
While this may be easier for some than others, the most important thing is to just be active. Visit Virgin Active nationwide or track your movement with a Multiply approved fitness device and you’ll keep racking up those Active Dayz™ to earn great rewards with Multiply.

3. Hydrate. 
Considering your brain is made up of more than 70% water, it’s easy to see why drinking enough water is important during the summer, and even more so when exercising or spending time outdoors. Make sure you stay hydrated by investing in a good quality reusable water bottle which you can refill, and infusing your water with fresh fruit, like lemons, cucumber and even strawberries (and other fruit) to give it a burst of flavour.

4. Relax. 
Ironically enough, the holiday season can be quite a stressful time, from busy shopping malls to family gatherings, and maybe even juggling work commitments in between. Schedule some me‐time for yourself, where you can switch off and de‐stress…because you need to take care of yourself before you can take care of others.


By looking after yourself during the holiday, you’ll feel great and you will be able to start the new year on a positive note.

by Momentum