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I Took a Walk and Found a Baby... A Letter by Charmaine Keevy

Category: Your Testimony

My Lord and my God                                                                                                                      April 5th, 2018

I bow in adoration before your throne.  You are good … so good.  The way you orchestrated my path yesterday blows my mind!  This Father is not about me, or about Georgie ... but this is about how you orchestrated finding this little life.  This is about you Father.  A God who cares.  A living God who is totally and utterly involved in our lives.  Your precision yesterday still sends shivers down my spine.  You are so spontaneous.  You arrived so suddenly that you took my breath away.   Your timing was so perfect Lord.  You set me up!  How I love the way you work. 

I take Cas to work (which I don’t usually do!) I get home and I get this urgency to go for a walk at 7am!  You give me a thought …’don’t put your walking shoes, keep your slipslops on, but take your jersey.’  In my mind I wrestle ‘but I get very hot’ … ‘take your jersey’ … so I do.  Off I go with my special lost and found dog Georgie.   Such a crazy gift from you!   Which way should I go?  Left or right down Montmedy Road?  I take a right … not knowing that in about 8 minutes your Spirit is waiting to deliver a little precious bundle, naked and alone waiting for someone to hear her cry.  As I pass the storm water drain, Georgie and I hear a little cry.  At first both of us think it is a cat!  Georgie is excited!  But I listen again.  I can’t walk away.  Cat or baby, the drain slabs need to be lifted.

My persevering personality kicks in.  I try and stop cars to help, but all are too busy, they are on the way to work.  I can hear this soft little cry.  It is intermittent.  It stops then starts again.  I feel frantic in my soul.  Cat or baby I am not leaving.  A lovely lady joins me to help.  She also feels confused.  Cat or baby?  We both not leaving.   Then we see a car riding down the road, this time I am adamant.  I stop the car and a man gets out.  He is part of God’s plan.  Cat or baby we are here to save. 

Lord it reminded me so of you.  Constantly here to hear our cries and save us, always working behind the scenes.  The man opens the storm water drain, and there we find her.   Father you were there all the time.  Loving and protecting in the cold of the drain.  You hear our cries too.  No matter how slight.  I am reminded at that moment of Psalm 116 you bend down, and you listen when we pray.  Her little cry was a prayer.  Both of us are in awe at that moment.   This precious man gently lifts her out of darkness into the light of life.   I hold her.  I close my eyes and weep.  I am overwhelmed.  Sorrow and mercy for the mother and gratitude that you have a plan for her life.   I am overwhelmed that you allowed me to be part of her journey.  You know my absolute love for babies.  Was this how the woman felt when she found Moses in the bulrushes?

 I feel her little body through my jersey.  She is damp and cold.  Her little feet I cup in my hands.  I am given another jersey then a beautiful soft purple towel.  Purple, the colour of royalty.   Suddenly it is time to hand her over to loving hands who have been gifted by you to save lives.  I stand and watch as these compassionate men work with her.   You have got a purpose for her little life.  It is time for them to leave with her, and I see the man in the ambulance holding her so gently.   I cry.   I say again Lord why me?  Why did you allow this privilege to come my way?   I am so grateful.   You have become more alive than ever to me.  She was not abandoned Lord … she was found.  Found by you for a purpose only you know.

I still feel dazed when I relive the experience.  I am so aware that you had accomplished what you had planned for me that day.   I will be forever grateful for hearing your promptings Lord.  I realise how complicated I have made it over the years.  In my spirit I hear you say ‘my thoughts are your thoughts.  Your thoughts became my thoughts.’  Help me to be aware and obedient. 

And so, Lord, what about this little life?  You must have something beautiful planned for her.  You are faithful Lord; your will for her life will be accomplished.  Loving parents waiting for her with open arms.  And then I remember her mommy and daddy and I ask for mercy for them.  I leave this beautiful experience in your hands knowing what you start you will complete.  You are the Alpha and Omega of our lives.   Of hers ….

Like the man who stopped to help me, you have used people to lift me from darkness into light when I have had my ‘dark night of soul’ experience.  I can relate to that storm water drain …. And for that I will always be eternally grateful for those who heard my cries.

Thank you, Father, I will be forever grateful xxxx Your daughter Maine